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That time we did an editorial photoshoot!

I've always been a lover of fashion and expression of style. I love to see street style play out in different cities. Vogue, W and InStyle Magazines are pretty much like textbooks to me. When I meet with couples face to face, that gives me a good read on their style and I wanted to see what it would be like to maybe take wedding style to the next level through an editorial photoshoot.

The first thing I did was find the perfect photographer who really gets it. For me, that was Jon at Hunter and Light. The moody, story-telling style that Jon brings was exactly what this shoot needed. He had brilliant ideas about how to capture the look with natural lighting from locations within our location. I wanted to use unusual materials and blooms in the floral arrangements. Carly Messmer Florals provided blooms that you don't typically see in wedding bouquets. This helped add a little drama but soften the industrial environment at the same time. It was nice to have Brittany and Angela as models. Since they were already married, it made the chemistry 100% easier to convey. Let's just say they didn't need much direction. Take a look at a few shots from the finished product. It's called Beautiful Faces in Unusual Places.

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