Deanna 'De' Evans, Owner 

'We felt prepared and ready for our special day. We felt that we were on the same page with her and throughout the entire planning process. We had a wedding party that was sixteen people strong, and she kept everyone on the same page and organized. She was authoritative in the kindest way, and left you feeling good about yourself after every meet up or phone call'. -Bride Anne

This is where I should brag about all of the great things I've done in the past. Yes, I come from a strong background in corporate events, yes, I'm educated (with a BA in Business), yes, I'm experienced (10 years). But what does that mean for you? Well, my corporate background means I understand the business of events. I'm relationship-driven and service first!

I'm passionate about education and consider myself a 'student for life'. I remain up close and personal on all things wedding.


Experience teaches me to stay two steps ahead in every project! But lets face it, all of the experience and education in the world doesn't compare to human connection. That connection is what I bring to the table. 

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