I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you

-The Alchemist

Your wedding is without a doubt one of the biggest celebrations you will experience in your lifetime. When you peel back the layers of a thousand details, know that you and your soulmate are at the center of it all. The way you choose to celebrate is how you will tell everyone the story of you.


I come from a corporate background in the beauty industry. The team I worked with produced small and large scale hair and fashion shows that included everything from 20ft dress trains and stilt walkers. For me, there is no fear to enter into an event where you want to go 'off the grid'. What does that mean for your wedding? We can design a ceremony arch using unconventional materials. We can create a bourbon flight for your guests. Or we can let everybody in on your love of pizza and dogs in an elegant way.


How would you like to tell your story? Let's talk about your vision for the celebration of a lifetime and watch it all unfold, creating the memories that will indelibly last forever.