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3 things your guests just don’t care about and 3 things they do!

When you're planning your big day, it can be easy to get swept up in all the pretty little things that there are to choose from. Menu cards that match your guest book or that 'Something Blue' that matches your flowers. Pump the brakes on some of that stuff and lean into the things that will make a lasting impression. Now, these are just my opinions and not the gospel. But here goes!

3 things your guests DON'T care about:

A guest book

There is nothing wrong with having a guest book, but just don’t spend a lot of money, time and effort on it. Not everyone signs the guest book. Photos and gifts will let you know who was there.

Place cards

Don’t get me wrong! Everyone needs to know where they should sit, but don’t stress over making it some expensive, over the top material that they will more than likely leave behind. Maybe you find a creative big board style seating chart, or make it your wedding favor!

A ceremony program

If you must print a ceremony program PLEASE don’t print one per person. Couples share these, plus they’re sure to get left behind.

3 things your guests DO care about:

The food

Some say the food doesn't matter until they've had a bad wedding meal. Weddings are becoming an experience for guests. Let's talk to your caterer and challenge them to help create an intentional wine pairing or dishes that reflect your culture or travel experiences.

The venue

I don't care what anyone says, there is a little giddiness from the toughest of guests waiting to see where they will be celebrating and how the room will be decorated. Choose a venue that will allow you to execute your plan and feels like a place you, your family and friends would feel comfortable celebrating.

The music

This goes without saying! This goes right up there with photos as being one of the top elements you should put effort into. Do you know that saying 'People remember how you make them feel'? Well, here is where you can make them feel like a million bucks by giving them a great band, an awesome DJ, and an engaging MC. Trust me, this will be money well spent.

Want some ideas on how to create a celebration that's all YOU. Let's talk!

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