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What's in a Name?

Day of Deanna  is now De Evans Events. I've decided to relaunch my business in response to the wedding industry.  When couples booked me, they wanted someone to be there so that they can be present at their wedding. I created a great business from providing a robust "day of" service.  It's even in my name!

The fact of the matter is, there is no such thing as a 'day of' coordinator. This is just the catchy name that has become the term for your wedding day sidekick.  There is no person who can show up at your venue on the day of your wedding and make the day feel seamless. That professional must be there during the planning process with you, your vendors, your venue and more. Without that time and support provided, there is no relationship, no knowledge of your expectations and and your wedding day may be an epic fail. I've passed on many bookings because the couple just wanted me for the day. Did I loose a few jobs? Sure. More importantly, I kept my reputation. I want to provide quality experiences for couples who get it.

I've also received many requests for additional services like Full planning, photo shoot styling, and even consulting. When couples book me, they book ME. So what's in a name? ME. Looking forward to serving in 2020 as De Evans Events! -De

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